Westeros O​.​G.

from by Smithy



The game of thrones has been won.


Hey you, over there,
In the alleyway,
These streets got a toll,
And you gotta pay.
If you put up a fight,
Here, say hey,
To the edge of my dagger,
Thanks. Go away!

I'm a rogue on my own,
Here in Westeros,
In the Landing, where cutthroats
Matter most.
With my rhymes and my knife,
I'll take the throne,
It's a damn shame they haven't
Made the microphone.

In the low streets
Everybody knows me,
I walk in, Little Finger
Lets me in free.
Some dude acts a fool,
Steppin up to me.
I toss a knife in his back
Hell, I toss three.

Make my rounds through the taverns,
Hell, I have a ball.
Rollin' blunts like the mad king.
Burn 'em all!
Get you blazin and smoking,
Like the Lord of Light.
The night is dark, full of terrors,
Woman got it right.

Taking only what I need,
Pay the iron price.
If you got what I want,
I don't play nice.
I'm the king of the landing,
You a peon.
Keep on talking,
You'll end up like Theon.

Taking over this city,
and just try to stop me.
I got more power over you
Than Prince Gofferey.
I'm the king in the streets,
Or so they told me.
That's me,
The Westeros O.G.

Winter may be coming for you,
But not me.
[wiki-wiki-wiki-Ain't a damn thang funneh!]
You're talking to a Westeros O.G.
[Holla-holla at me if you love Sean Bean]

If somebody tries to fight me,
I'll smite thee rightly,
It might get dicey,
Not for sure, but it might be.
Cause nightly,
I got several goldcloaks behind me,
And kindly,
I give them the slip,
Or a knifing.

It's my thing,
Roaming the streets
Of King's Landing
And watching the guards
Give chase
And pull a hamstring
Commanding that I stop
Running while they're panting,
And can't see it's all just
A misunderstanding.

I'm handy.
Just trying to be all I can be.
With drinking or gambling,
Eating women like candy.
The fancy of noble ladies
Needing handling,
And jumping out the window
When the husband's feeiling randy.

If you try to test me,
I'll ace her quite well.
I got bigger chains
Than Grandmaester Pycell.

I got better hair
Than Loris Tyrell,
Doing all I can,
To get in all 7 hells!

Winter may be coming for you,
But not me.
You're talking to a Westeros O.G.


from The Red & Black Mixtape, released September 5, 2014
Royalty-Free Beat by Nebula




Smithy Sarasota, Florida

Rapping about nerd life since 2006, Smithy brings comedic lyrics with beautiful rap flows that tickle your fancy. He resides in the Gulf area of Florida and is always creating new content.

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